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Support for Web3 since 2020

What we do?

Founded in 2020, Smoofy helps businesses set up virtual accounts to collect funds from clients. 

Smoofy issues Virtual Accounts in EUR, USD, SGD and GPB that you can share with your clients. 

Smoofy platform allows you to send money to your employees or vendors worldwide, using SEPA, SWIFT or FAST/PayNow.

Our Product

Smoofy is working with Web3 companies, GameDev, TechDev companies and helping optimize business transactions

Virtual Accounts

Issue Multi-Currency Accounts to accept local payments

Local Rails

Use Local payment rails to pay your suppliers in their currency


Send and Receive SWIFT transactions at flat rate, no hidden costs

Competitive FX

Transact in multiple currencies with best possible FX rates

Our Story

Smoofy started in 2020 to help enterpreneurs build scalable businesses and optimize banking relationships.


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